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New Submission Deadlines: May 15 and November 15!

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Supporting productive organizations and funding innovative programs is the primary work of the IECA Foundation. The Foundation seeks grant proposals of many types, but particularly those that empower students to grow, learn and make reasoned educational decisions. We want to recognize and sustain programs that have a positive impact on students and their educational lives; help students be more knowledgeable and rational in their educational choices; and encourage students to believe that everyone has potential and is capable of great things!

The IECA Foundation Board of Trustees meets to review grant applications in January (applications must be received by November 15) and July (applications must be received by May 15).

We want to:

  1. Answer the question, "What really works for kids?" – and support programs that do that most effectively
  2. Deliver the greatest beneficial impact for the largest number of students
  3. Provide quality educational options for students who would not otherwise have them
  4. Award grants to programs designed to open doors to needy students
  5. Support organizations with low overhead, in which our money reaches kids quickly — and for which a grant of approximately $5,000 will have a significant positive impact


The IECA Foundation was founded in 1996 to support the mission and expand the role of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. The IECA Foundation's mission is to identify and support those programs that have significant impact on students and their educational environments. Priority will be given to those programs that assist students in making educational choices. In addition to its grants, the Foundation serves educational professionals, families and children through sponsorship of workshops and continuing professional development.

The IECA Foundation has a unique opportunity, and a special responsibility, to provide leadership for those involved in the process of making educational choices, including students, families, educational consultants and other professionals.

Amount and Nature of Grants

It is the hope of the IECA Foundation to provide monies for those projects meeting the mission of the Foundation as outlined above. The IECA Foundation is small, and its grants are typically below $5,000. Innovative and interesting projects that provide a solid "bang for the buck," provide assistance to students in need, and/or professional development of consultants are sought.

Application Process

Proposals should follow the format stated in Submitting a Grant Proposal. All materials should be submitted together. The review process begins when all supporting materials are received.

Eligibility for Funding

Non-profit organizations, schools and other educational institutions in the United States are eligible for funding.

Not Eligible for Funding

IECA Foundation does not provide grants to for-profit organizations, or general operating support to non-profit organizations. The Foundation does not fund individuals. The Foundation does not support any program that discriminates on the basis of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin.

Review Process and Deadlines for Submissions
The IECA Foundation Board of Trustees meets to review grant applications in January (applications must be received by November 15) and July (applications must be received by May 15).
Requirements of Recipients
  1. Funds must be used exclusively for the purposes outlined in the grant application.
  2. References to the IECA Foundation will be made on recipient's promotional materials that list sponsoring organizations.
  3. An evaluation of the funded project will be provided the Foundation within twelve months of the receipt of funds.
  4. As best possible, grant recipients will provide periodic updates to the Foundation.

IECA Foundation Application Procedures

I. General information
  1. The full proposal should not exceed five (5) pages of narrative (excluding appended materials, which should be kept to a minimum).
  2. Send one (1) copy of the full proposal and ensure that it follows the format outlined here.
II. Proposal content:
  1. Cover page (please follow this template)
  2. Statement of mission, history, key achievements, and budget of the organization.
  3. Statement of problem or need being addressed. (This is a brief summary of project including such things as goals and objectives, available resources, target populations, anticipated outcomes or benefits and future plan for sustaining this effort.)
  4. Methodology. (Includes a brief outline of the procedures, timeline, allocation of staff, and other methods of carrying out this specific project.)
  5. Evaluation. How will success be measured?
  6. Budget for this project. Note: these are line item expenses (such as salaries, supplies, travel, printing and evaluation) as well as anticipated sources of funding such as IECA Foundation, applicants' contribution and other sources.
  7. Briefly describe, in non-financial terms, the size of the organization and structure of your group. This might include number and brief qualifications of board members, staff and volunteers relevant to this proposal.
  8. Attachments. Please attach the following documents:
  9. IRS letter confirming tax-exempt status, i.e., 501(c)(3) or 509(a).
  10. Most recent independent audit or account review and/or year-to-date financial statement for the current fiscal year.
  11. If applicable, names of companies and foundations being approached to fund this proposal, with dollar amounts indicating which sources are committed, pending, or anticipated.
III. Mailing:

Applications and supporting materials as outlined here should be:

Emailed to:


Mailed to:

IECA Foundation
3251 Old Lee Highway, Suite 510
Fairfax, Virginia 22030-1504
Phone: (703) 890-0135


Please use this template for your cover page.

  1. Legal name of organization, address, and name of executive director/director/head
  2. Brief (50 words or so) description of the organization
  3. Brief (50 words or so) description of the proposal
  4. Contact person and title
  5. Information about contact person (please include phone(s), fax, and e-mail)
  6. Amount Requested from IECA Foundation: $
  7. Total annual organizational budget: $
  8. Total project budget: $
  9. List dates and amounts of any previous support from the IECA Foundation
  10. How did you hear about us?
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3251 Old Lee Hwy
Suite 510
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Phone: 703.890.0135

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